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Welcome to Field Works

Fieldworks is a small operation (2 person) making war games Terrain, mainly ruined damaged buildings. We produce these items in four scales; 10/12mm & 15mm,. Most with removable roof and floors.

At present our buildings are mainly 19th - 20th Century (to include present day). In the future we intend going back much further.

We are open to suggestions on what may be included in the range, but the final choice is obviously down to us. We will always try to please however so don't be afraid to ask. We hope you will find something to please you as you browse the website. New or re-modelled items will be released periodically.

Kath & John Shuker

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Due to customers requests, we have decided to re- introduce a new range of 10/12mm buildings. if anyone would like to contact us with period preferences, we would do our best to comply. We will be starting on the new masters during August 2016.